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Beauty Pageants as a Holistic Approach for Development

Whenever we think of Beauty Pageants, the first thought that we come across is Beauty. Most of us live under the belief that beauty pageants are nothing but a game where the girl with the best physical appearance takes away the crown. On the other hand, the reality lies in the other side of the coin. Beauty Pageants are not just about a contest where girls come out as winner by mesmerizing the judges with their perfect looks and figure, but the secret lies much deeper than that.

Beauty Pageants are a gateway through which the girls with the best amount of confidence and a strong zeal in her to change the world is being declared as the winner of the title. Each of us inherit some qualities in us, but the Beauty Pageants groom the participants in a way that they do not shy away from facing any problem in their lives anymore. Have you ever wondered why are the participants being asked about the current issues prevailing in the society in the last round? This decides the fate of the girls to either make or break the show. The judges explore the confidence and their visions for improvement of the world through that round. Not only that, they also judge them on the skills of impromptu speaking.

The trainers in the Beauty Pageants are behind the impactful personalities that the girls possess. The participants undergo various processes of training and brain storming before they actually get to face the stage. It takes a lot of courage to face an audience from all over the world. Communication skill is the biggest sword that any girl can have nowadays, and that is intensely sharpened in the Pageants for an all-round development of the participants. Hence, Beauty Pageants are much more than what we think of, and it actually helps to channel out the inner diva from the girls participating in them.


The Crown Holders of Miss Teen International

While talking about Beauty Pageants, who does not want to be a part of it? In these prestigious events, girls compete with each to rest the crown on their heads in this glamour cladded competition. Miss Teen International, organised by Glamanand Entertainment, is beauty pageant which aims to discover starlets from the corners of the world, who will not only charm the world with her charming looks, but will have a positive impact in the society for a betterment of all.

With winning the pageant, comes the crown on your head, and with the crown comes great responsibilities. Over the years, there have been 22 events of Miss Teen Multinational where teens between the age of 14 to 19 have participated. It is the most renowned and oldest running pageants for teenage girls prevailing currently. The teens are the sharpest most swords of the society, and they are the ones who comprise of the most influential crowd in the world.

Sofia Andersson from Sweden was the first winner of the title in the year 1993. It depends upon you how you seize the best of your opportunity. Winners like Valerie Hernandez, Yara Lasanta and Mayra Matos from Puerto Rico, Nazareth Cascante from Costa Rica, and Lauryn Eagle have gone few steps further to make the most of their achievements. They have made a prominent name in the industry and the other winners are on their ways of glamour to reach the door of success soon.

Benefits of Participating in a Beauty Pageant

Generally, people think that Beauty Pageants are just a medium of showing off their physical beauties, but they fail to realise ample of other things about the Beauty Pageants that help the girls to shape their future in an all-round way. Our group in Glamrada believes that the most important quality that will shape the girl’s future is through her personality, which will in turn reflect to have a positive impact in the lives of million other people. Here are a few points about the benefits that serve towards the girls who participate in Beauty Pageants.


  • Communication Skills– Today’s world is completely dependent on communication, and the worth of the ability to communicate is priceless. When it comes to communication, it includes communicating efficiently while talking face to face as well as expressing one’s thoughts and opinions through written messages. We, as a group, make sure that the girls who participate are well versed and possess the perfect skills of communication to be able convey their messages effectively.
  • Confidence– It is one of the most important qualities that the judges look for in a girl who is aspiring to win the title. The fact is, any girl of today’s age need to be confident enough to survive in this competition called Life. But there are still many girls who has a phobia of facing a crowd or perform on stage, which is successfully defeated by participating in beauty pageants as they are being exposed to a large number of audience.


  • Ability to handle stress- With greater aims come challenges, and with the challenges come stress to handle them. Stress resides in everyone’s lives, and has the power to either make you or break you. The Pageant coaches here come as a rescue when they train the girls on how to handle stress and be successful in their careers. It all depends on different perspectives on how we look at them to solve by the help of simplest means.


  • Motivation and Satisfaction– People tend to work better and more when they are motivated. The hard work of the girls in the pageants eventually pay off and they get the must deserved recognition at the end of it. It leads to self-satisfaction which makes them more confident in future.
  • Personal Development– In order to have a personal development, a person needs to be aware of their strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Here in Beauty Pageant, each and every girl goes through the process of self-development which in turn make them more confident and self-motivated.

Let us all gather up the courage to put forward our feet towards a successful career and let the inner Diva inside speak through us.

Ways in which Beauty Pageants help the Society

While we talk about the development of our society, all that pops up in our minds is that it is in the hands of the political leaders. But have you ever thought of Beauty Pageants as an instrument of bringing changes in a Society? That also, not in a National level but change in the world as a whole. It may sound like it is directly out of a fairy-tale, where the princesses take the swords in their hands and fight for the kingdom. In reality, Peauty Pageants act in a similar way, where they gift the society with beauties with brains- girls who charm people with their mesmerizing looks as well as hold a strong intention to make world a better place to live in.

Most of us do not know that the Beauty Pageants are held for a cause too. For instance, Miss America is renowned for providing scholarships for women. Also, Miss Earth is a pageant which aims to increase the awareness and knowledge on prevailing Environmental Issues, and ways of wiping them off. On the other hand, Miss International aims in making the contestants serve as the “Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty.” They are being trained in a way so that they act as a tool of change in the society.

When we talk about Beauty Pageants, how can we miss the word “Unity”? Many contestants from all over the world take part to win the title. In this process, they make friends from other parts of the world and it leads to a building up of healthy relation among the countries. Also, when we think of Sports, we see millions of people uniting in order to support the teams and players from their nation. In the same way, the beauty pageants help in uniting and forming a bond among the people belonging to the countries of the different participants.

Top 3 Movies Based On Beauty Pageants

Movies are a gateway to the world of glamour and we all are a big-time movie buff! Who can help their jaws from dropping and eyes from sparkling when we see our favourite actors appearing on the screen? When it comes to the world of beauty and glamour, what can beat the charm of a Beauty Pageant? It is the best platform for not only showing off your talents, but also a stepping stone towards a successful career. Here is a list of such glamorous movies, which deal with Beauty Pageants.



  1. Little Miss Sunshine- Released in 2006, the movie is a roller coaster ride of humour. The Hoover Family, starring Greg Kinnear, Toni Collete, Steve Carell, Paul Dano and Alan Darkin in the roles of a man, his wife, an uncle, a brother and grandfather respectively, head out to California in a bus to support their daughter, Abigail Breslin, to win the title of Little Miss Sunshine Contest. The movie is extremely different from the other beauty pageant movies, and the fresh content makes it stand out. The dysfunctional family teaches us to be the pillar of support of people whom we love and stick around through thick and thin moments of life.



  1. Brave Miss World- This one is an absolute stunner, which dictates about the horrifying incidents that Linor Abargil, the Miss World of 1998, went through and her bravery to fight back. Apart from being a model and actress, she is a lawyer too. The film shows how commendably she had won the title of Miss Wold after being raped, stabbed and abducted six weeks before the competition. She was being crowned as the winner and she had taken the pledge to fight for the rape victims from that day. In this 2003 documentary, she emerges out as an activist and the film successfully captures the trauma that she had went through.



  1. Miss Congeniality- The film revolves around the incidents when RBI rushes to find a female undercover agent as a contestant for Miss United States Pageant, when the terrorists threaten to bomb there. As a rescue, Gracie comes up to do the job, notwithstanding the fact that she is not enough girly or inherit feminine qualities. Sandra Bullock did complete justice in playing this hilarious role, being the slightly older woman among the young girls fighting for the title. The essence of comedy and unique makes this movie a great watch.


For the ones who cannot participate in a Beauty Pageant, the solution is very simple. Grab a tub of Popcorn and give yourself a treat of these movies!