The Crown Holders of Miss Teen International

While talking about Beauty Pageants, who does not want to be a part of it? In these prestigious events, girls compete with each to rest the crown on their heads in this glamour cladded competition. Miss Teen International, organised by Glamanand Entertainment, is beauty pageant which aims to discover starlets from the corners of the world, who will not only charm the world with her charming looks, but will have a positive impact in the society for a betterment of all.

With winning the pageant, comes the crown on your head, and with the crown comes great responsibilities. Over the years, there have been 22 events of Miss Teen Multinational where teens between the age of 14 to 19 have participated. It is the most renowned and oldest running pageants for teenage girls prevailing currently. The teens are the sharpest most swords of the society, and they are the ones who comprise of the most influential crowd in the world.

Sofia Andersson from Sweden was the first winner of the title in the year 1993. It depends upon you how you seize the best of your opportunity. Winners like Valerie Hernandez, Yara Lasanta and Mayra Matos from Puerto Rico, Nazareth Cascante from Costa Rica, and Lauryn Eagle have gone few steps further to make the most of their achievements. They have made a prominent name in the industry and the other winners are on their ways of glamour to reach the door of success soon.

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